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If you are planning to move in Amsterdam, there are many Region Apartments ready to occupy by expats. Start by searching apartments for expats immediately. Amsterdam is an expensive and popular city in Netherlands, so be thorough when looking for a place to stay. Newly built apartments right now are expensive. So, it is hard to find affordable accommodations immediately since they are already rented out. Since finding an affordable apartment for expat is not easy and time-consuming, these guidelines will help you ease the burden of searching.

Search 2 to 3 months in advanced

If you decide to stay in Amsterdam, start looking for an expat apartments in Amsterdam at least 2 to 3 months in advanced.

Search apartments online

There are many property websites in Netherlands that you can search. With the right keyword, you can find lists of Amsterdam apartments for expats. Do your research everyday to find the right accommodation for you. It is best also to visit the physical address of the agency or contact directly the owner of the property.

Search for rental apartments in Dutch

Do not just search English keywords only in Google search engine. Many properties are listed in Dutch language. For example, search for “apartments huren Amsterdam” which is a combination of English and Dutch language. Once you click enter, many listed properties in Amsterdam are showing. However, if you cannot understand the Dutch language, you can use a Google translator.

Search for cities

The Netherlands is a beautiful country composed of lakes and rivers. It has an organised public transports system so living in the nearby cities is accessible to public. It takes only 15 to 25 minutes by bus or train.

Look for furnished apartments for rent

Most properties near Amsterdam are owned by landlords, that is why these properties are furnished. By the way, furnished apartments are ideal to live especially for expats. Although furnished apartments are costly, you can start moving in immediately because it has a complete set of equipment to use. Imagine you are an expat and you keep on roaming around to get cooking equipment and other household needs, isn’t that time consuming and stressful?

Find a rental agency

A rental agency can help you find apartments that suits your budget and needs. Try searching the internet for various rental agencies. Most rental agencies have complete listings of properties anywhere in Amsterdam. Also, you can ask a reliable real estate agent to help you find apartments for expats. If you find a place from their listings, you have to pay a certain commission for their effort and pay one month rent, one month deposit depending on the contract.

Look for locations and surroundings

Although it’s a bit daunting, but having a good location to stay in Amsterdam is an asset. Apartments near schools, church, malls or markets are worth considering. Even though, these properties are a bit expensive compared to others, yet you have the access to all of the amenities.
Having a good neighbourhood is also worth considering. As an expat, you need a peaceful life and you don’t want to hear a noisy neighbourhood that keeps on fighting almost every day.

Consider apartment hotels

Apartment hotels are worth considering if you want to stay for a short period of time. You have the access to lots of services like laundry service, on-site gym, and cleaning. This kind of accommodation is suited for businessmen and for those travellers.
There are lots of options for expats when they decide to move in Amsterdam.

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